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 Muscle Activation Techniques

​Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is an advanced approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances and joint instability that leads to pain, injury, and a loss of performance.  The benefits of MAT include injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance optimization.
The MAT providers we work with will locate the causes of dysfunction and build an injury and rehabilitation and prevention program unique to each individual.

MAT RX Master Specialist Nathaniel This will evaluate your range of motion, comparing left to right, test for specific muscle responsiveness and treat issues that may be holding you back. He can
demonstrate specific exercises to strengthen inhibited muscles, heal injuries, and restore function.
MAT Specialist Najim Mahmoud is available upon request at (907) 230-1572. He is currently training in Uganda and working with our Elite Team.

We also advocate for sports specific chiropractic care and can recommend our preferred provider.

Contact us at (907) 230-1582 or [email protected] for information on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and our preferred providers.

Nathaniel Thise can also be reached directly at 480-479-7333
Or visit his website at