our mission


Our athletics program focuses on advancing holistic methods for training and sustainable living practices for optimal health to maximize human potential.

We support an elite team in their efforts to represent this mission through outreach, community training groups, mentoring, races, and projects.

Our program design furthers community connections, contribution to positive change, a responsibility to each other, and gratitude for the experiences we are blessed with.
How we do this?

The Elite Team

Our values are exemplified to the community by the members of the Elite Team program. They are committed to holistic health and sustainable living for athletics and to express a responsibility for a better future. These advanced athletes are given the opportunity to be mentors for developing runners through training groups and to participate in community outreach programs and projects.

Professional runners around the world face many challenges to support themselves and their families. We support efforts to overcome professional barriers, earn money, to train and race with adequate support, and to compete with funding from sponsors, grants, and donations.

Community connection

Training Groups
Community programs are critical for our goal to provide wellness and beneficial relationships.Training groups, in both Flagstaff and Kapchorwa, Uganda, led by certified coaches and the Elite Tram runners help us to accomplish these goals. We help runners explore and develop personal goals and guide them in practice.
We are in the planning stages for a weekly local race series in the Flagstaff area.

The Race for Sustainable Agriculture

We believe athletes are in a position to advocate for initiatives that promote positive world change. Because wellness for athletes and all people begins with healthy, clean, sustainable food systems, High Altitude Training of Arizona is currently planning the Race For Sustainable Agriculture. The event features athletics as a platform for raising awareness of the urgent need for the adoption of sustainable living practices on a global scale. The race proceeds and contributions will be used to construct self sustaining community permaculture gardens. We welcome volunteers who can contribute time and energy to this project. We are grateful to contributions and donations which can help us turn this dream into a reality.

Advocating for holistic, noninvasive methods of injury prevention and rehabilitation

We believe that athletes injuries can be healed and prevented. Injury prevention and rehabilitation is available by recommendation. We use MAT master RX specialists, skilled at non invasive, holistic techniques for the rehabilitation and prevention of athletic injuries. Our preferred sports chiropractic works with our athletes also and would love to help you too. We are working to develop additional resources and relationships with providers who follow these principles.

High Altitude Training of Arizona, Corp is a nonprofit corporation. Our Bylaws can be downloaded below and Articles of Incorporation are available at https//ecorp.gov (amendments in progress)​